Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Numbers go Social Networking

Names and photos are clickable.

Pythagoras is thinking that a2 + b2 = c2
for right angled triangles.

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Natural at 10am on 14 April
Likes this!
Rational at a ¼ past 10 on 14 April
like 3,4,5 & 20,21,29
Natural at 11am on 14 April
Rational at ½ past 11 on 14 April
Just thought of another: ⅗, ⅘, 1
Natural at 12pm on 14 April
is confused
Real at 12:07 on 14 April
1, 1, √2 and 1, √3, 2 makes me think of sin and cos
Natural at 1pm on 14 April
is frightened
Complex at 13:07 + 00:03i on 14 April
I don't get it.
Pythagoras at 13:23 on 14 April
Sorry Complex, how about |a|2 + |b|2 = |c|2
Irrational at 32:07 on 12 April
That's just what Hitler did, you commie!
Complex at 13:52 on 14 April
Let's see... 8 + 4i, -3 + 6i, 5 + 10i. Yes!!!
Complex and Pythagoras are now friends.
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Pythagoras has shared some photos.
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Pythagoras is dividing a circle's circumference by its diameter.
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Transcendental at e/4 pm on 14 April
Likes this!
Natural at 1pm on 14 April
I know this one. It's three.
Rational at ½ past 1 on 14 April
lol. you're way off, it's 22/7, no wait... 355/113
Transcendental at π/2 pm on 14 April
feels superior
Rational has invited Natural to the group Irrationality is the square root of all evil.
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Natural at 2pm on 14 April
doesn't like this.
Irrational has joined the group Irrationality is the square root of all evil.
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Pythagoras Is zero a number?
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Rational at ¼ past 2 on 14 April
Real at 14:27 on 14 April
Natural at 3pm on 14 April
Irrational at 1 ABY
Han definately shot first
Complex at 15:07 + 00:08i on 14 April
Yes (to zero, not to Han)
Irrational at stardate -313713.3276255709
I've watched it over √17354 times and in reverse. Han shot first. That's what I'd do.
Pythagoras at 15:57 on 14 April
ok, ok, I get it. Zero is a number.
Irrational at 19:07 on 14 April
and Han shot first.
Integer took the quiz What sort of Infinity are you?
The answer is Countable. You are countable. You can be lined up one-to-one with the natural numbers.

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Natural at 7pm on 14 April
Likes this!
Natural has invited Integer, Complex and Irrational to join the group Become more natural: square yourself
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Pythagoras Anyone out there know the square root of minus one?
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Rational at ½ past 7 on 14 April
what's a square root?
Imaginary at 20:27i on 14 April
sqrt of -1 is i
Complex at 20:28 + 0.01i on 14 April
and -i
Imaginary at 20:30i on 14 April
oh yeah, -i too
Quaternion at 21:07 + 00:29ijk on 14 April
i, -i, j, -j, k and -k
Pythagoras at 20:57 on 14 April
Show off
Natural at 9pm on 14 April
what's minus one?
Irrational invited Pythagoras to join the group Han shot first
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  1. LOL!!! Thanks for making my day.

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    The Carnival of Mathematics is back:

    * Mathematics Carnival 51There is a nice balance of articles. My favorite comes from a new blog (just started this month!): The Numbers Go Social Networking.

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    In an unusual post, Paul Dyson shows us what would happen when The Numbers go Social Networking. The links point to nice summaries of the different number types. Blog home: Math Nuggets.

  4. Oh my lord, I think I've wet myself!

  5. From Pat'sBlog:
    One of the nice ones at a site I had not seen before was a Facebook for numbers example at Math Nuggets which looks like a blog I will need to explore more in the future.